Thursday, 7 May 2015

Passing the time

this was a question just asked on Facebook so thought I would post it again here to keep it.
It's been a long time!
Lots have happened will do an update soon.
. Here's what I do to pass the time.
I started a 101 things in 1001 days project and blog. Now of course it's not your normal bucket list as not thinking of bungee jumping anytime soon but it helps me to have focus and purpose for my day - week - month 1001 days.
Here's a link to my blog although must say not updated it lately.
On a general note:
Find something you can do from bed ?
Make stuff cards, jewellery, quilts, cushions, knitting crochet - sorry if they sound old lady.
Read - if too tired to read listen to talking books or podcasts.
write and buy gifts for Postpals ? A charity a young girl with chronic fatigue set up from her bed.
Watch a box set - write old fashioned letters.
Start a blog yourself like set up by a young woman with fibromyalgia.
Do exercises like yoga at home even in bed.
Meditate, have someone to lunch or if possible go to lunch.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Doctor

Was very fed up to find my doctor was pregnant again and although not looking far along at all having only a very neat bump had only a few weeks left to work and has probably had the baby by now. OK congratulations Dr R

I know it is very selfish of me but it soo difficult when you find a doctor you like who understands you, tries to help you and you have to go and get used to a new one or go back to an old one who is ok but not quite on the same wavelength.

Anyway tried the new doc and so far she seems OK apart from taking a few weeks to send up physio request though of course it could be the admin at the GP so will let that go.

There was a new doctor also at the hospital so I do feel like there is no-one who really knows me and my various symptoms. O well such is life

Monday, 26 April 2010

Emotional Upsets

I visited my Mum recently and was then visited by one of my brothers who I know to be a very cross person but I wasn't ready when he started to argue with me about nothing really.

Well of course I should have walked away but I didn't and we proceeded to have a row in front of my Mum and then he left leaving us both in tears. I am really sorry that this all happened mostly because of the upset I know was caused to my Mum, but even looking back now I cannot see how it could have been prevented but it will not happen again as I will just avoid him.

The thing is these things happen but what is the best way to minimise the effect on yourself and your reaction to it because a mental or physical reaction is going to happen to it sooner or later.

I slept fine that night because I thought about it for a while and then decided to STOP thinking about it. Sometimes I might write down something like this to kinda get it out of my system but in any case I would physically or symbolically shut the book on it so that it has been dealt with and doesn't keep me awake. Sleep is so valuable I have to do all I can to make sure I get enough and on this occasion I was conscious of the fact that I would need to drive myself home the next day.

When I got home I felt OK but was torn between having a pre-emptive rest in order not to suffer too bad and effect from it or just keep going and wait for the inevitable crash.

Well I chose to go for the latter and so far haven't been too bad apart from feeling fairly low now but that could be anything.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I was out to lunch with my friend recently had decided what I wanted and she was taking absolutely ages to decide what to eat. I asked her why it took her so long as it really wasn't that important a decision. She agreed and said actually she wasn't really bothered and she didn't know why she was being so indecisive about it. She ended up ordering exactly the same as I was having (OK a jacket potato with five been chilli in case you must know).

I think when you have a chronic condition that is tiring it helps to become more decisive make the decision not only on little things and move on.

Its much more tiring to be prevaricating will I do this will I do that and thats how I managed to buy a house in Turkey lol

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Gratitude Journal

Have been keeping a gratitude journal for a few months now and committed to making 5 entries every day for a month as part of my 101 list (see linked blog)

I found it really made a difference to how I felt on a daily basis even if I wasn't having a particularly good day I still found it possible to find something good to say about it.

Heres a sample days entry:

1. David changed the bed so that the sheets were lovely and clean to get into
2. David made dinner because I had a cold
3. Tom shopped for food for Terry and Linda's visit
4. Geri came to tidy, Ellen emptied her room and made up the bed
5. David paid for Geri to get a taxi home so I wouldn't have to drive her.

You see nothing startling or major but just looking for positive little moments like this each day make me feel happy

Saturday, 17 April 2010


It has been recommended by my CFIDS group to use a pedometer to help with pacing.
It seems a little strange at first but what it means is to use it to limit activity in any given day so as not to go above 5000 steps.

It seems to me like a good idea to have a limit placed to help keep within your energy envelope so have got one but haven't been able to set it up properly yet as it said that I had done 10000 steps when as I hadn't gone out anywhere was very unlikely.

Will calibrate it properly and let you know how I get on

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Up and Down with the weather

I don't know about you but if its sunny I feel so much better than when its dull and cold.
This weather that is bright and warm one day and cold and grey the next is playing havoc with my mood.

So what to do about it I suppose get out in the fresh air even if it is only a little walk around the garden.

Have recently started taking Vitamin d with calcium although only borderline deficient it is meant to make a difference to mood and pain. So far so good I feel like it is working but I don't like the lemon ones so am sticking to tutti frutti.

Hope the weather brightens up again soon